San Francisco Zoo – Gardener Paradise

I love going to the zoo. Hands down, one of my top favorite places to go. It’s like going to the park, but with fun animals and cool landscape.
Even though the animals are always fun, one of my favorite parts of the zoo is checking out the plants. Here are a few from my most recent trip:


Echium Tree ( I’m not sure which variety, my guess would be candicans/fastuosum)

I didn’t even know you could grow echium into a tree!! How awesome! Now I have something to work towards with my own echium plants.

Echium tree by entrance

Echium tree by entrance

Forest Lily

I thought this little South African lily was very cute. I looked it up and it cannot tolerate frost, so it’s best to grown it in a pot and bring it in or ¬†protect it in the winter.

Forest Lily

Forest Lily


Leucadendron “Cloudbank Lily”

Hands down best plant I saw at the Zoo!! Gorgeous plant, absolutely going to have to find one now.

Leucadendron " Cloudbank Ginny"

Leucadendron ” Cloudbank Ginny”

Leucadendron "Cloudbank Ginny"

Leucadendron “Cloudbank Ginny”


Variegated Echium

First time I’ve seen a variegated Echium, very pretty. Again, I don’t know what variety.




Gorgeous Salvias growing into bushes. Not only am I terrible at identifying different varieties, but I couldn’t get close to these plants either.




Unidentified Plant

I looked everywhere for some sort of identification on this plant. It looks so familiar to me, but I just can’t figure out what it is. Very pretty though.

SF Zoo


Very fun day at the Zoo!

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